Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Brain Freeze - Sorry

Cannot remember how to edit the show schedule on the right side of the page. I’m so sorry.
In 2019 I’ll be in Savannah March 8-10 with Springtime Made in the South
In Charlotte April 27 with Charlotte Art Collective
From June 21 to July 7 I’ll be in Vermont - Yea!
Labor Day weekend I’ll be painting faces at Matthews Alive ( another Yea!)
In Oct 25-27 in Concord with Christmas Made in The South
In Nov 1-3 in Macon, GA with Christmas Made in the South
Nov 8-10 in Mooresville with Arts at the Mill (possibly)
Nov 16 Charlotte with Charlotte Art Collective (possibly)
Nov 22-24 in Savannah with Christmas Made in the South
Nov 29-Dec 1 in Jacksonville, FL WITH Christmas Made in the South
Dec 4 Charlotte, at St. Matthews Catholic Church (tentative)

Gold Rush Scarf/Lapel Pin

Using gold for the first time, and the first pin as well. Combining the multi piece and pin combination. Made only two pins and we’ll see how it goes before making any more. Please come to a show and see all that’s new, or email/call me and tell me what you’d like.

Owl/Moon Slider Pendant

 Owl/Moon Slider Pendant. Cute as can be. 

Not So Subtle Skull!

Oh what fun!! A not so subtle skull used in this “Slider” pendant. New for 2019. “Slider” because it’s made to securely slide onto your own chain, leather cord, or silk piece and look impressive around your neck!! I got a little carried away making these ... there’s probably close to ten!  Each one different. Some are titled “Bird Slider”, Owl Slider”, “Mother Nature Slider” - you’ll have to come to a show to see them all ... while they last. Each one different, but all so much fun!

Hollow Bead Necklace

Oh my goodness, this is a stunner for sure. Beautiful swirls of silvered glass used to blow and stretch hot glass used in this stunning necklace. Only one available, come see it in Savannah or Charlotte in March/April ... till it’s gone! 

Moon Over Abstract Landscape

Silvered Glass gives such beautiful colors when worked properly. Doesn’t always work for me, but I’m getting better. This sort of abstract land/water moonlit sky works well. Not such a large piece to wear, but certain to grab attention.

Encased Focal

Heavily encased focal over spiral wrapping encasement results in a strikingly unique focal pendant. Gold adventurine used in the initial surface. And a little twist of sterling silver wire adds the final touch. A pretty piece to wear any time of year. 

Almost Paisley

Beautiful swirls on the surface of this long focal. Looks very paisley to me ... well, almost paisley. Slightly etched for a soft brushed finish to the surface. Only one available. 

Scarf or Lapel Pin

New for 2019 Pins!!  Looks so good, nice movement when you walk. Definitely one of a kind designs for each one. Made only 2 of these and they’ll be introduced at my first show this year in March. Savannah, here we come!