Saturday, September 21, 2013

Halloween Mummy Earrings

It's not too early to think Halloween, right? Besides, these mummy beads were just too cute to wait for Halloween to make their appearance.

Friday, September 13, 2013

'Fraternal' Twins

These two sets must be fraternal 'cause they're the same thing, basically, but they don't look much alike. Just goes to show when you use the same techniques, but change the color of glass and some add on's, things can change quite a bit. Hence: 'fraternal' look alikes.

Freeform and Abstract

Just love this set, creative and fun - lots of options. A long link sterling chain finishes off the necklace so it may be adjusted to fit nicely with any outfit. Long or short, the choice is yours. Free form in design and definitely one of a kind - ivory, turquoise and black go with most anything, right? A nice set or a particularly nice gift.

Seeing Spots?

A striking set of graduated lentil beads with layers of clear, ivory and black. Everything has been etched to offer a soft brush finish to the beads. Just a great piece over all - perfect for that 'little black dress' you just got!

Graduated Tab Set

New this fall, a graduated tab set. Not exactly 'tabs', but I'm not sure what to call these beads. Doesn't matter, the set is really cool. A little silvered surface on the beads using silver foil melted into the surface. A totally unique look and the ivory base makes it suitable for any time of year, any color outfit!

Dogs at the Beach

"Dogs at the Beach", well - sort of. It's a dog, and there's a beach scene piece. Fun pieces to wear anywhere, any time of year - as long as you love dogs and/or the beach!

Pretty Close to Christmas Colors (?)

Trying to get ready for the fall shows and this piece will probably be as close to Christmas colors as I get this year! Busy, busy - lots of shows coming up, so torch time will be limited, but this is a pretty piece and it is a loooong bead. It's a statement piece for sure, lots of color, a little sparkle, a bit abstract in design. Raku frit dots the surface and a little adventurine contributes to the sparkle.

New Magazine Article

This article will be in November's publication of Ballantyne Living magazine distributed in Charlotte. I am very pleased and owe much thanks to Gretchen, Kathryn and Marley for their advice and assistance with this article - words are not my strong point. Thanks to each of you.