Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another little sparkle fish to take to the show at the beach - except he looks more like a trout to me. Haven't seen many trout frequent salt water! but hey! he's kinda cute. And the silver glass did put a nice sheen to his fins and tail. Added a boro bead at the base. The combo turned out nicely.

Abstract Ammonite Pendant

A new ammonite press has been sitting on the work table for several weeks, this bead resulted in the initial use - the second bead, which of course was much prettier, developed a crack. Deserves another try tho, I do like the results.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hot Summer Colors Necklace and Earring Set

Orange and red coupled with a turquoise base - sounds kinda weird, right? But I love this combination!! In fact, I liked it so much I made this set, plus a pendant and several pairs of earrings using these beads. These beads were so much fun to make, then slice with a razor blade to get that crisp clean cut all around. Even had enough to sell a few as loose beads. Seems as if I'm not the only one to like this color combo. 

"Coin" Earrings

Something a little different using a set of sterling silver 'coin' charms beneath purple and silvered ivory ringed beads. New ear wires with little studded silver spheres to finish off the look. Purple's my favorite color, so these might not make it to the show table … just sayin' !!

Summer Turtle Set

Cool, crisp beach set featuring a sterling silver rimmed turtle as the focal. One of a kind, 'cause it's the only turtle like this I could get. So, once it's gone, it's gone. Another piece being presented at the show in Myrtle Beach the end of this month, but if it ends up coming back home with me … I don't think I'll mind at all!

Shimmery Summer Butterfly

Shimmery Summer Butterfly using my favorite silvered glass "Triton". It still looks so pretty even when covered with another layer of transparent glass on top of it. Pretty for summer wear, but I think you'll love to wear it all year long. Sure to garnish some compliments.

Summer Bird Pendant

Pretty little bird pendant using copper green. Just right for that cool green outfit you were planning to wear. Simple, but still a unique piece to grab the attention of an admirer. I like it!

Silvered Glass Pendant

Such a pretty organic silvered glass pendant. Classic and stunning. Slightly different look all the way around the bead, but all shimmery and smooth all the way around. This side sort of looks like a distant moon hidden behind some nighttime trees.

Summer Stripes Earrings

Some Summer Stripes disc bead earrings. New ear wires I'm liking a whole lot, slightly dressier look, but I'm wearing them all the time. Very comfortable. Go with everything color - easy.