Thursday, August 29, 2019

Loooong Mixed Earrings

Sterling silver play a large roll with these earrings? Tiny glass beads slightly etched to give a soft brushed finished to the surface. Hand carved Howlite leaves finish them off. Only this pair available.

Snake Skin Focal

Don’t let the nomenclature get to you. Silver foil and silver glass layered thick on the surface, then sliced with a razor blade to create ripples on the surface. A clear layer of glass on top to enhance the beautiful colors of Triton on the surface. Beautiful embellishments to compliment this one of a kind focal.

Blue Collage Slider Pendant

“Collage” Slider Pendant. A gathering of individual treasures all on display to compliment your choice of clothing. Slide it on a chain, leather, silk cord or ribbon - easy peazy!

Pastel Tree of Life - #1, #2

Tiny Treasures Collection

Tiny Treasures to wear around your neck. Plenty of design detail, silver glass, Swarovski crystals, multi-layer used to emphasize depth and detail.  One of a kind pieces to capture and compliment your style. Here are just a few in the collection. Enjoy!