Friday, April 18, 2014

From 'Too Dark' to 'Tastefully Tantalizing'!

Sharing what a wonderful customer did with what I thought was a fugly bead I'd given her several months ago. She did the beautiful crochet piece and decided on the components to make the pendant. I was just amazed, not only did she make something absolutely stunning … she certainly made me rethink my attitude about what constitutes a good quality bead both in design and execution. Wonderful job Patsy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dog Says 'WOOF' - Cat Says 'MEOW'

A couple of cuties I haven't done in awhile - had to hold my breath practically the whole time I was at the torch!! Two Springtime cuties that are all about fun and bright colors. Getting ready for some Spring shows, catch me if you can. Check out the show schedule on the right side of this page

Front and back of this furry little ball of fluff. 

This little kitty looks like he's up to no good, right? Spring colors and attitude abound with this smooth operator and cute ball of fluff.

Front and back views of the same bead.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Great New Earrings - Aged Copper

Some new yummy earrings for the Spring, or anytime you want to have something unique. Only a few of these beautiful earrings, and they'll be introduced at the King's Walk show in Charlotte the end of this month. Happy Spring y'all - altho it seems like we went straight from Winter to Summer here!!

New Series: Native Trees

The Rainbow Eucalyptus trees of the Philippines have brightly colored bark that displays then sheds to reveal new growth. As the bark ages, the colors that appear are green, blue, purple and orange, then brown before being shed. These trees are mostly cultivated for use in paper manufacturing.

The White Oak  is the most common tree species of the Eastern United States, and can grow from 80 to 100 feet tall. It’s bark is gray streaked in color and has a life span, if undisturbed, of 500 to 600 years. The white Oak is valued for its timber products such as furniture, flooring and pallets, cabinet making, barrel making, interior finishes, and for heavy construction. It’s acorns feed squirrels, deer and chipmunks.

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Series: Native Trees

Quaking Aspen
Native to NC this fast growing graceful tree loves the sun.  Bright green Spring leaves contrast the smooth white bark that has dark splotches on a long and narrow trunk.  These trees may grow fairly tall and become clear of lower limbs over time. They are sometimes called ‘Trembling Aspen” because their leaves seem to tremble in a light breeze due to their flattened structure.
 The Flat-topped Acacia tree is typically found on the Savannas of South Africa. The tops of the trees are usually flatter giving an umbrella appearance. This exotic tree thrives in hot, dry regions and it's wood is extensively used in making furniture and flooring. Their striking silhouette against a setting sun makes for a stunning picture.

The Flowering Dogwood, native to North Carolina, is one of the most common and beautiful ‘understory’ trees – meaning they grow beneath taller trees. Its trunk is short and branches reach to spread a wide area of beautiful white or pink blossoms in the spring.  The leaves turn a bright red in the fall, and red berries adorn the branches.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Silver Mesh Neck Pieces - Brand New for 2014

I have several of these new mesh neck pieces. This is an example of the silver colored pieces, and if you'll check further down the page, there are examples of the dark colored mesh pieces. All have beautiful beads and crystals - a few have an added bonus. They are all very long (more than 36 inches), but completely adjustable to compliment whatever your wardrobe needs. New to shows this Spring of 2014. Please come check them out at one of the shows listed to the right of this page. See you there!

Cutest Little Cake Testers in Town!

These are just the cutest little things. Who knew a cake tester could take on a personality? These are sure to win over the cake lover, the baker, or that certain someone who has everything else! Lots of different designs and colors to choose. I think these will be around awhile.

Dark Mesh Neckwear for the Dog Lover

Here's another mesh neck piece with the new mesh. Beads and crystals a big 'ole doggie paw print - all adjustable in length! A great fun piece for the animal lover. Only one made just like this one.

New Silver Mesh Neck Pieces

A beautiful silver plated mesh neck piece with a couple of gorgeous beads. So chic - I have only a few of these, not so sure how long they'll last. Each one unique, but very classy - very long, or may be shortened to your own desired length at any time.