Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Latest Funky Bracelet

Really enjoying spreading out a gathering of orphan beads and blending them with some odd silver and having them turn into a really fun and funky bracelet like this one. I have a lot for the Fall shows, all different colors, shapes and sizes. And they were all really fun to piece together. Don't think they'll last through the group of shows coming up ...

The Crows are Roosting

A brightly colored tree bead for Fall, a gathering of pumpkins at the base and crows in the branches - you just can't get more "Fall" than this piece.

Almost Gone

Those last few leaves are hanging on for dear life … but they are allllmost gone. End of Fall Tree bead, not quite like it is at my house, they're still changing color. But my son called the other day, he's in Vermont, remember? It was 19 degrees. I think in Vermont the trees pretty much look like this one does.

Just in Time for Fall Gathering - Acorns!

A family member suggested I give acorn making a try. I'd seen pictures of this done before - a real acorn cap used on top of a bead - so here's my take on the whole thing. I had to go back outside and gather a whooooooole lot more of those acorn caps to accommodate some of the beads made, but I think the whole thing ended up working pretty well. Originally I thought of Christmas tree ornaments, or maybe just a novelty piece, but these could pass as pendants too I think. Not sure how sturdy those natural caps are, but they held up really well drilling a hole in them. Guess I'll just have to wear one for a few weeks to check them out. Hope they're received well at the Fall shows! Thanks for spurring me on to do these Gretchen!