Thursday, August 7, 2014

BeadCamp in Nakomis, Florida - Wanna Come?

BeadCamp is a unique opportunity to take class from a wonderful selection of such qualified and awesome instructors - Please note here that I'm one of those instructors - Feb 24-28, 2015. Please contact Marley Bears at or give her a call at 919 323-9799. Come on down for the experience of a lifetime!

ISGB Boro Class - FINALLY!

Thrilled I was to have the opportunity to finally take a class from Nancy Tobey and learn how to make Boro Glass colors shine. These are only two of the beads I made in class and I was tickled with the outcome. ISGB was in Houston Texas and I took advantage of all that they offered. Now if I could find the time to dedicate more days at the torch I might be able to practice all that was learned. Yeah!