Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pint Sized Perched Owl

This must be 'Bird Week' because I have three different bird pendants to showcase today! And this little cutie pie is just as sweet as he can be  -  even if you don't collect owls!!  Perfect coordinating colors in both beads and the crystals add more sparkle. It's a little hard to see the pretty silvered glass purples in the wings of this little hooter, but my boro bead at the base ties it all together. A nice piece for all year.

Blue Jay Pendant

A great Blue Jay Pendant, not too big, but large enough to show off this wonderful bead. While I did not make this focal bead, I did make the boro bead beneath it. Hard to see in the photograph, but the Double Amber Purple boro glass has an undertone of the perfect blue to match with the focal. Was going for a look of a wooden 'perch' for this little birdie. I like it!

Tropical Pint Sized Parrot

What a little cutie pie! This sweet little pint sized parrot is so colorful and bright, it makes me happy just looking at it! While I did not make the parrot bead, I did make the little base bead as an accent at the base. The whole piece is just perfect as an end of the summer piece. Thanks for looking in.