Sunday, March 29, 2009

Newest Metal Work - Copper

So excited to finally get this out of my head and into the world. My own bead caps. These are bright and shiney copper - a really nice combination with the silver. Had to practice on the copper before jumping into making my own sterling bead caps, but I really like the two-tone look. Still experimenting with the stamping on the surface, trying everything right now. Thanks to my darling husband (DH) for his help in these. It takes four hands to cut out the disc so I couldn't do it without him. Check out more later. It'll be awhile before I update again - have lots of shows coming up. But check back in a couple of months to see what else is new. Thanks.

Boro & Byzantine

This one's a stunner. Boro glass coupled with a Byzantine chain - Awsome! The Byzantine link is nice and thick and shiney. The boro glass bead is clear encased and 'melon' shaped, a really nice color and design combination. This two piece set is a one-of-a-kind design, 'cause I don't have any more jump rings and it'll be awhile before I re-order any! Don't think this one will be around too long once my Spring shows get started.

Cupcake Anyone?

Who doesn't like sweets? My sweet tooth gets out of hand every now and then. That's how the idea for this pendant originated. The "No" charm dangle beneath the cupcake is hopefully a gentle reminder of what and what ISN'T permitted. Not sure if it'll do any good where my sweet tooth is concerned, but it sounded good at the time. This application is also available with cake too - my personal favorite!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heeeeeere's Joey !

Here's Joey - cute, huh? Our oldest dog, Joey is 14 this year, and he's still the man! Of course the other two four-legged hooligans don't think so, but he'll always be top dog as far as we're concerned. Bright orange and yellow base bead. Light and fluffy white hair all over his body. Two little blue flowers on either side. On the back the ever present "Woof" which Joey does - an ear piercing version - every morning at 7 and every evening at 6 just to let me know it's time to EAT!

Here Kitty, Kitty !

Here's a really cute little kitty, up to no good by the look on his face. Bright turquoise blues on the base bead, coral flowers on both sides and a heart on the bottom for all you cat lovers out there. On the reverse side of the bead is written "Meow". Just like the dog bead has "Woof" on the back. Had a picture of it around here somewhere, but I had a senior moment and it strangely disappeared! Unfortunately, that happens more and more often. Hope you like this sweet little kitty. Several different color choices are available in the kitty.

Earrings - Earrings - Earrings

Take your pick ! I'll make more. Lots and lots of earrings for spring - or any time of year. All different, all sterling and Swarovski.

Boro Disc Necklace

Really pretty, and unusual, necklace made using my favorite color of boro glass - Blue Moon. Such a shiny fun piece. Matching earrings are somewhere - sorry.

Hot Stuff !

Beautiful deep red boro make up the beads in this necklace. I wish the camera could catch the glow in each bead. Much better in person than in picture.

Sterling Dragonfly

Have made a few of these recently, but couldn't get a picture taken before they sell -which is a good thing, I guess. Very unique - the beads are always different. Thanks to my friend Nikki for the introduction to her wire wrapping - this is my twist on the lesson. Very comfortable to wear.

You Are "FIERCE" !

A new twist to the ever popular "Cluster" pendants. This one has "Fierce" stamped on the sterling circle - on both sides. Really think this one will be well received - hope you like it.

Boro Frit and Flowers

Absolutely beautiful colors in this boro pendant. Blue Moon glass, frit and clear raised flower petals make this a stunning piece. I may have to keep this one for myself.

More Spring Flowers

This years version of my old stand by purple flowers (purple rocks!). I love the way the ivory on the base beads creates tiny threads of color. A really pretty pendant on a sterling silver chain with a built-in 3" extender.


The spring flowers are trying their hardest to bloom, if the cold winter air would just go away it would make it so much easier. This is my effort to hurry spring - a beautiful Trillium blooming just in time.