Monday, May 25, 2015

Snakes in the Cherry Trees EEEK!

Run for your lives everyone - looks like snakes have invaded the Cherry trees. Sometimes you just need a day or two to play at the torch, right? These two pieces are only some of the results of being alone in the house for several days. Must admit, it hasn't happened for over TEN YEARS - mwa-hahahahaha. The dogs and I have been able to spend uninterrupted hours in the studio and try lots of new
things. Gearing up for the summer shows, first one in Myrtle Beach coming up the end of July/first of August. Hope to see lots of old friends and meet lots of new ones. Looking forward to it.

Let's Go To The BEACH!!!!!

 It's getting close to beach time and with the help of a photographer friend who sent a lot of inspirational pictures I've been trying to prepare for the summer months. Each one something different, I especially like the egret pictured first. Might have to try to duplicate this one, it turned out pretty well. We'll see if time and inclination can work together to do just that.

 Swirling waters and forming tide pools are the underlying efforts here. A starfish just at the water's edge, and some sort of shell just in the sand. Base swirls encased in clear glass for added depth.
A different sea bird, looking for something to eat along the water's edge. Bright sun in the Carolina Blue skies everybody, yeah!!


Sorry for the hand shot on this one, but I'm refinishing my jewelry displays - ugh! But this is such a fun set - bright colors and cute earrings to match. Enameled sterling silver bail at the top to string on your chain or leather strap. What FUN!

Something very different and really cool - glass melted on antique keys. The necklace above is in shades of blue and has a long sterling, adjustable chain to regulate the length. The unusual key to the right has free moving beads on it and also has a sterling link chain for adjustable length. I love these two, but they'd better sell at the first show this summer …. or I might just have to keep one of them for myself!!

Crazy Funky Necklace and Earrings

Right up my alley - crazy funky stuff here and I really love it. Each bead is decorated with stripes and dots, each one a different color. There's lots of earrings too, SO much fun. Of course I had to keep the brightest color earrings for myself. Heavy sterling chain for these fun beads to dangle - so much movement when worn. Wish I were a better photographer to show this piece at it's best.

Groups Shot Lamp Finials

Group shot of some of the new lamp finials. They've been so much fun to make, there are now cats, dragonflies, sea creatures … something for everyone. But I've got to move on to something else - for the time being anyway.