Friday, October 5, 2012

Floral Cluster

This floral cluster uses an implosion flower as the focal. So dimensional and lifelike - I think there's a flower in nature that looks just like this . . . . there's one in my head anyway!


The last of Summer brings the ocean and lakes to mind and all the wonderful trips with the family. Layers of double helix glass gives lots of dimension to the dots on the surface.


One of the first words our youngest grandson mastered was "Turr-Duhl", so this little sea turtle is in honor of Emmett's continuing fantastic word development.

Fall Has Come!

A leaf cluster made with silvered glass, a delicate little piece that is so sweet. Our Vermont son just sent us a picture of all the beautiful colored leaves . . . hence this cluster. I just added some silvered touches here and there!

Whoooo's A Favorite?

A bright little owl with a hearted chest. Whoooo can resist?

Asymmetrical Necklace

This piece just kinda fell out of my head, the parts just went together from what was on my work table. The focal - a 'flower' interpretation, has lots of layers: enamel, stringer work, layered dots. Lots of work went into this one, I really like it - something different.

Goes With Everything Necklace!

Made a similar necklace this time last year and it was a real hit. Pretty for Fall, but with classic colors to go with every outfit - any season. Chunky beads with Raku frit and layers of fine stringer work. Great results!

Fallen Leaves

'Fallen leaves' for this etched tree. A bit different from the rest of the trees I've done, but pretty cool.

Enamel Me !

I love this enameled focal, I don't work with enamels much, so this one was a labor of 'why not?' - a surprise in the end, but it turned out really well. Hope somebody likes it, if not - won't mind keeping it myself!

Throwing a Disk

This organic disk has silver foil and lots of dangles to make it a one of a kind piece . . . except I made two! Of course each one is slightly different - but both very earthy cool!

Falling Leaves

Seasonal Inspiration - Falling leaves, a cluster of beautifullness (can I say that?). Pretty silvered glass and frit add to the individual look of this leaf with lots of pretties dangling above. A soft delicate piece that would glam up any outfit, or grace the casual style.