Friday, August 26, 2016

Cutest Seahorse Ever!!

Here's the second of two charming sea horses. Look just a bit further down the page to see the other one. These pendants are just adorable. Dainty in appearance but substantial enough to definitely be noticed. Only two available, and I don't think they're going to be around long … really cute right?

Opal Feather Earrings - Yum!

Oh boy I love these. Sterling silver feathers with an inlay of beautiful opals. Hmmm, they just might not make it to a show!! New sterling ear wires made by me give a unique look. I really like these. Thanks for looking.

Rainbow Natural Stone Earrings

Rainbow stones - for the life of me I can't remember what these stones are … but they're really pretty right? Natural stones, mix of mostly blue, a little hint of green and a bar of rust. Sterling ear wires I make myself and Swarovski crystals round out the look for a pair of earrings to wear in any season. Dress them up or wear 'em with jeans. Only this pair available.

Ear Candy

One more pair of earrings using Tree of Life sterling charms and a moon bead with silver stars in the sky. A beautiful pair of ear wires too, made by me in sterling silver. Swarovski crystals finish up the design adding just enough sparkle to catch the eye. Suitable ear candy for every season!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

See the Sea Horse

 Is this cute or what?!? This pendant is just adorable … a friend did a great job of capturing it's cuteness sitting in front of a starfish prop. I have two of these - similar in design but each with it's own personality. Don't think they'll be around too long tho. Thanks for stopping in to see the new stuff.

Panda Anyone?

A friend did the photography for me and I love this gnarly branch he used. A close up of the focal Panda Bear probably would have shown the bead in greater detail, but the structure of this whole set up is amazing. The whole panda has been etched for a more realistic appearance - except his tiny little eyes. They're bright and shiny, not actually seen in this distance shot tho. A statement piece for sure. 

Three Moons

Three beautiful moonscapes, each one with it's own individual  personality. I love these beads, so much depth and character. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Oil Slick Sky

Using any Double Helix Glass on a bead can sometimes be a challenge, but 'Triton' is usually one of the easiest to produce a reaction with an adjustment of the flame. These colors were a first for me, and I really like them. Hope they can be duplicated in the future …. but when I use DH glass it's always a surprise!!

Dragon Heart

Here's my version of a Dragon Heart, all dark and swirly, some muted frit on the surface (of course, there's a little purple). BUT with some textured wings! Is it Halloween yet?