Tuesday, March 10, 2015

If At First You Don't Succeed ...

Oh such a pretty set these beads were when I first saw them come from the etching solution … but, unfortunately no-one else seemed to appreciate them quite as much as I did. My attempt at selling a small set of them did not happen, (in fact, you'll see the small set pictured somewhat farther down) - so, I made some more and came up with this earring and necklace set. They are so lovely, soft and smooth - colors to go with any time of year - adjustable sterling chain goes from shorter to longer to accommodate any neckline. Love this set.

"Soft Tree"

This softly colored blooming tree has been a favorite of mine. It went to a new home this past weekend, but I wanted to showcase it here to remember it. Always trees available - each one a different little piece of art. Hope you like them all.

"Summer Tree"

Probably pushing it a bit with this Summer Tree, but there are a whole lot of people who are ready for warmer weather. This waterside tree with Carolina Blue sky awaits the first person who falls in love with it's graceful branches, cool flowing water and bright sky.


Another trip to Vermont to see our son and grandson will always inspire another version of a birch tree. They grow so very large and tall where Nick lives, and are so beautiful. A great many surround his house and we pass them walking through the woods from Curtis Pond to his house. Love Vermont. This piece with a dark encased base bead has the trunks of birch made using dark ivory and silvered ivory stringer. Small branches are off to either side - but the main trunks are made quite 3-dimentional with a layer of light transparent brown on top. I really like this 'different' way of making a 3-D bead. Flat back makes this piece lay so nicely on the skin.

Cactus! Ouch!

Has been a little while since I've made cactus pendants. Here's the latest of several. Has a 'moodier' look with the darker multi colored mountains in the background and the darker mix of green shades for the cactus. I'm starting to sweat a little just looking at it!

Coming From The Dark Side

Currently these are two of my favorite earring sets. I love the Raku dots on the left pair, coupled with the soft black. Etching the beads really gives a dressier look. And the frit beads on the right with just a touch of shiny Double Helix glass look great from the front or the side. Nice.

Chicken Little

Chicken Little laid a decorative egg - 'that had to hurt' said one of the student in my Florida class! Ouch! Just something light, just for fun, sure was fun for me to make. Any chicken farmers out there? "Bawk, bawk."

Long Neck Series With Double Helix Surface Glass

A striking bead made using silvered Double Helix glass, in the 'long necklace' series of pieces 30" and longer. A beautiful statement piece, rather large in size. Not for the average wearer, but awesome for someone up to the challenge!!

Baking Soda Beads

Love the colors on these beads - emphasized by rolling the hot glass in baking soda, then heating back in the flame. They take on an ancient look to them and coupled with soft black, the colors really stand out. This is a new series of long necklaces - 30" plus, to make a comfortable wear adding just that little piece of style, but not too much competition if you choose to couple with another neck piece. Nice.