Friday, February 21, 2014

Sweetest little Chickadee - Love!

This is just the sweetest little Chick-a-dee ever, she looks oh so cute perched on her little silver nest - with a hopeful expression on her face. A new bird style with a traditional mounting. Ready to place on your own chain or leather cord. Lovely gift for the bird aficionado. Oh, sorry for the piece of finger and ruler in the picture . . .

Fish with Eyebrows!!

It's not too soon to think of the beach, right? Here's a new fish - with eyebrows! Attitude abounds in this new little fish, he looks like he knows everything! There's only one right now, but hopefully I'll get some more made soon, especially before I go to the Myrtle Beach show!

Springtime Birdies

Traditional bird in a nest pendant, beautiful colors in these beads - just in time for Spring (I hope!). For the bird collector, or the bird lover - great gift and certainly unique.