Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Never Ending Forest of Awesome TREES !!!

No matter how many new pieces are posted there will always be a 'forest' of trees available. All colors, all seasons, all shapes and mostly the same sizes! This is another, simply named "Awesome Tree" in my files. The new show season is about to start. Please keep posted where I'll be and come see me if you're close by. Some new shows are added this year - looking forward to meeting and making new friends. Going to try to bring loose beads to every show this year. Thanks to all who helped make last year what it was. Come See Me!!

These Lightweights Are Heavy on Style!

"Lightweights heavy on style" - I know, pretty darn corny . . . but it's true! These little bracelets pack a punch. They're lightweight to wear - so comfortable - and lightweight in the price point too!! (Yea!) But super fun and funky to look at and play with. Match 'em up, bunch 'em with others or wear just one.

Copper and Brass and Beads - Oh My!

Brand new for 2013 is this little line of neckwear using solid brass and solid copper findings. They just set off the beads so well and are so very comfortable to wear you'll hardly know you've got 'em on!

New Beads - New Bracelets

Bracelets are a go to for casual or fancy. Must admit I tend to go with the colors that go with every color combo of clothing as well as what compliments for any season of the year.

Always Got Me Some Clusters!

Always have clusters of some sort or another. They're just so popular and go with absolutely everything. So there's more of them to see this year too!