Tuesday, November 10, 2015

End of Summer Fallen Leaves

This is such a beautiful necklace and earring set. Soft shades of pale chestnut and raku mixed with pale smokey amber crystals and lots of sterling silver. Very smooth and almost 'soft' to the touch, most comfortable to wear. This matched set will be showcased this weekend in Raleigh at the Mistletoe Market Place. Hope to meet lots of new people, as it's my first time at this show. Thanks everybody!

Deep Sea Jellyfish

Something else new, a Jellyfish. A beautiful transparent deep coral jellyfish with flowing tentacles (is that what they're called?), floating in a sea of teal blue. Wish I'd had some of these at the Myrtle Beach show a few months ago. Rest assured this design will be a new addition in future shows.

Blue Leaves

Time for Fall Leaves of Color - this time they're blue. A beautiful matched set of leaves with sterling silver leaf earrings. So smooth and almost 'soft' to the touch. Very comfortable to wear and most striking to see.

Winter and Summer Trees

Beautiful summer Elm trees - another tree bead that went to it's new home this past weekend in Columbia, SC. Windswept clouds in the distance and a bright Summer sun in the sky … absolutely NOT what we had over the weekend. A rainy, stormy, wet and chilly weekend with fabulous support from the Columbia residents and beyond.

A graceful lakeside summer tree that also went to it's new home somewhere in Columbia, SC. Thanks to all who came out on such a cold and rainy weekend to support all the vendors and the Craftsmen's Classic Show this Fall.
This evening summer Oak tree bead with a huge rising moon in the background will be at the Mistletoe Market show in Raleigh this weekend. I hope there will be a great crowd there, it is my first time at this show and I look forward to meeting new people. And my granddaughter will help me with this show, she's a freshman and NC State this year - SO, much to look forward to this coming weekend.

This beautiful lakeside evening Winter tree is calm and serene. It will also be with me this coming weekend in Raleigh. The huge rising moon in the background offers a peaceful backdrop.

Ancient Image

Was thinking of cave drawings when I made this bead - sort of looks like that's what it could be, right? Silvered glass stringer work on the surface of pale ivory. Something to wear every season of the year, nice and smooth, lays nicely on the skin.

Etched Fall Colors

Here's a new design using subtle Fall colors, orange, olive, lavender, chestnut, cranberry - all encased in clear and layered with a spiral wrap of ivory. They're sort of wistfully see-through. Lots of sterling and Swarovski crystals, matching earrings, and I think there's even a bracelet too … somewhere. Took this picture at the show last weekend and it's not as crisp as it should be, but it needed to be shown on this page because it's really very pretty. A technique that will most certainly be done again.