Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Fourth of July Everybody !

Here's a great special order bracelet that came together today. Pardon the glare from the lights, but I think it turned out pretty well - Just in time for the Fourth of July. I'd wear it any time, how 'bout you?

Beautiful Change A Bead Ring

Brand new ring for this summer and it is absolutely gorgeous! And it's changeable too - what more could you ask? Beautiful sterling silver design, right down to the tiny little screw on the side. All you need do to change the bead is use a little screwdriver (like the one used with glasses) to loosen the screw on the side, and the sterling rod that goes through the bead comes out, put on another bead and VOILA! - you may have a different ring for every day of the week . . . that is if you have enough beads. And they're always available from Grammy Glass. This particular bead is made using my favorite color boro glass 'Blue Moon'.