Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Mushrooms!

Took some better shots of these cute little mushrooms and wanted to post them and show them off a bit more! ALSO - for those of you who have been requesting loose beads and can't make it to the shows, I have re-opened my ETSY account and will be posting some bead sets, single beads and maybe even some jewelry. So check it out: - and Thanks!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Glass Totem Pole

Here's my attempt at a totem pole - how's it stack up??! Sorry, couldn't resist. Inspiration came from another bead artist's picture of almost 11 years ago, but it really impressed me. Of course these beads are totally different, but the idea of a stack of beads representing a piece of art work was intriguing. This piece will maybe make it to the shows, but only as a display I think! The total height is now almost 10 inches from top to bottom 'cause since this picture was taken, I've added a little back & ivory rooster to the top. Can you tell there are 16 beads? (17 now)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Newest Glass Project: Shrooms!!

Oh my gosh these are just the cutest things EVERRR!! So happy I don't have another show till August, 'cause I'm feeling the need to make a bunch more of these. Sure hope somebody 'sides me likes them, or everyone's gonna get one for Christmas! They just stick right in the potting soil of your favorite plant. Inside or out - super cool!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Purple Spiral Bracelet

The purple color in this bracelet is so much prettier in person, sorry my photography skills don't shine - and it looks SO SMALL in this photo. Maybe the horizontal shot wasn't the best choice? But this pretty bracelet with sterling bars and trinkets is such a comfortable wear. Some purple lover is hopefully going to be very pleased.

Abstract Enamel

The colors in this enameled focal are just great, deep and rich, a nice focal for any time of year. Something with a moon in it seems to be the trend so far this year. So this little abstract focal is here to tempt you, but there's only one . . . just sayin' . . .

Beach Blast Beads!

Summer will be here before we know it - which is what inspired this little variation on some previous beads. Don't you just love the beach? I do, in small doses - give me some air conditioning on those really hot days. Anyway, a cool ocean night time bead, wavy waters, kinda romantic maybe? Think I'll make more of these too.

BHB Cluster

This big hole bead (BHB) is a layered technique that's fairly labor intensive but the result can be impressive. Might have to make this one again!

The Frit Hits the Fan!

Two new bracelets - sorry for that goofy title. Anyway, had some complaints that I didn't have many things using purple. Kinda funny 'cause that's my favorite color. Maybe I've just been saving all the purple pieces for my own stash . . .? Anyway. Silver heavy on the shell bracelet, really like this one. And the big frit disc bracelet has some chunky coordinating beads that are pretty cool. Hope you like.