Monday, April 29, 2013

The Owl Eyes Have It!

This little guy was made using a layering process I hadn't done in quite a while. But a request was made at "BeadCamp" in Florida for a particular kind of flower petals - not exactly these, but almost the same process. Anyway, hadn't done it in some time and thought applying to an owl body would make the perfect 'feather' layering. This was the result. The eyes turned out a little off, but he's still a pretty cute fella.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Davidson Delights!

First time in Davidson for a show - thankfully the weather held out all weekend! What a great little downtown area - quaint little shops, friendly people, well organized parking (!), and a city that supports the arts. What more could you ask for!! We'll definitely be back.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wings from Florida!

Just in LOVE with this piece. Since it's the only one (till next year) - it's MINE!!! All last week I was teaching in Florida at BeadCamp. Enjoying a little sun (in the driveway) I noticed some pretty shells that were used as 'gravel' in the driveway. So I used one to make a simple impression in some dark ivory - which works with ANYthing - and out came this pretty little bead that looks like it has angel wings on the surface. There's a tiny little heart in the center too, but it's a little hard to see. Anyway, since I won't be back in Florida to teach for another year, guess I'll have to wait till then to make another!
Here's a cute little heart using some Double Helix frit on the surface that turned out pretty well. Trying to get some new things together for a show in Georgia this coming weekend. This one turned out so well, think I'll make another!

Trees - You Guessed It, Another Variation!

Well, you can't blame me. Just trying out some different techniques for trees. This slender off-set tree with new trunk colors and a very pale sun is what came out of the kiln today. My photography skills are a little on the down this time, 'cause this little knotty tree looks a whole lot better in person . . . sorry.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey Little Froggy!

As mentioned below, I've forgotten some of the cutest beads I've made in the past. At BeadCamp in Florida this past week, we covered frogs and here's a picture of what now will be an added feature in the whole repertoire. He is kinda cute.

Color, Color, Color - and the Ocean!

One Florida bead camper really loved bright colors when thinking of her beads. I'm just putting this picture I took of my sun bathing nieces for inspiration. Look at all this color!!! I'm not mentioning any names, (Margaret), but I hope she sees this shot!

Spring Has Sprung! Again!

After coming home from teaching at BeadCamp in Florida, I was reminded of some beads I've made in the past but for some reason stopped making them. Soooo going back to some old roots and bringing the older designs forward. This little bird house is the first one to be seen this year. Very cute.