Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chubby Puppy Bead

The first little puppy bead turned out so well, thought I'd give it another shot with a second one. This chubby puppy has brown and black fur that's been etched for a soft brushed finish. But his little nose and his little dark eyes are bright shiny and cute. He looks a little bewildered maybe, but I'm happy he's here.

Rowan's Puppy Bead

My niece got a fluffy puppy for her daughter Rowan so I thought to make a bead for her. It turned out pretty well actually, Rowan thinks it looks just like 'Roo' and she loves the pendant. She made me feel so good calling to thank me for it. Yes!  ** S U C C E S S **

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Light As A Feather

A new bead design for the Summer - Feathers. A pretty purple base (my personal fav) with deep turquoise raised dots. I can see more of these - lots of different color variations for the background. This is a new bead I'll be teaching at BeadCamp in Florida. Will be there in October of this year and again in March of 2017. I so look forward to these classes. It's a pleasure to teach all the enthusiastic students. And we have So. Much. Fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Little Touch of Enamel, Please

Haven't used enamel in years but I really, really like the results with this attempt. A new technique for the sun gave me just the depth I was looking for, and the blue enameled sky with a subtle layer of green enamel at the base of the bead gave the soft contrast I was seeking. I really like this use of enamel and guess I'll have to break our the old respirator and give it another shot. Am loving experimenting again. Thanks for looking.

Abstract Ocean, Moon and Stars

My attempt at layering the ocean waters, sort of stacking them all in a row to achieve more of an abstract result, instead of blending all the colors together as I normally do, didn't quite give the the desired affect . But still not bad. Might not be obvious, but there are 9 different colored layers to the ocean waves. The moon is surrounded by several fine silver stars, and the whole image is duplicated on the reverse side. Thanks for looking.

Todays Tree of Life

Today's Tree of Life - warm sun, luscious pastures, gentle breezes blowing the clouds in the sky. Oh my gosh ... I sound like a Lifetime Movie!! Maybe it's time to get outside a bit and go for a walk!!

May Palm Tree

Summer palm tree, ocean breezes, but it's still May!! Last month was warm enough to feel like summer and started my brain thinking of cooler days at the beach. Anyway, here's todays results and there's even a little piece of coral that I found in Florida this Spring while teaching at Bead Camp.