Thursday, September 28, 2017


Well, this is what happens to my work table when it's just too hot to melt any more glass. There is a pretty awesome tree bead, a conch and a cute owl on the table, put I was pretty much DONE in that hot studio. I'm ready for cooler temperatures. So, please enjoy a few posts of my newest Summer venture - alcohol ink painting. I'm loving the time spent in the air conditioning doing the following painting. But it won't be too long before I crank up the torch again - I've got a plethora of shows this Fall, and I'd better get busy soon. Thanks for looking.
This painting is a tribute to my frequent visits to Vermont to stay with my son and grandson. I just love it up there, and would live there if I could convince my husband that it's not really that cold!! My son lives on Curtis Pond, in the middle of mountains, and he and his son spend many hours at the pond swimming in the Summer, rowing in the Fall and ice skating or playing ice hockey in the winter. I really like this painting, but it's sold. I should paint another! Thanks for looking.

Tree of Life - A New One

I've said it over the years, many times. Trees have been very, very good to me for many years … glass trees, that is. And they still are!! But the new summer venture painting with alcohol inks just HAD to include some trees. This was the first one I did. It sold in Myrtle Beach this past July. Guess that means I should paint a few more! Thanks for looking

Thoughts of Snow in the Summer

This alcohol ink painting makes me cooler every time I look at it … well, maybe just a little. Summer painting while it's too hot to work at the torch and this one just hits the spot. I am tired of 90+ degree weather!! Thanks for looking

Red Hot!

Another alcohol ink painting. This one's staying with me - but I feel I need to paint another. Loving the colors and the way it makes me feel as if there's a breeze in the air. An original painting this summer, while it's just too hot to be in the studio behind the torch. Thanks for looking.

Summer Sweets

Have a new venture for the summer - it's just too hot to place myself between a really hot kiln and and even hotter open flame torch! SO, this summer I've opened the door to alcohol ink paintings. These are not prints, they are all original paintings, and I absolutely love this art form and will post several more pictures. Thanks for looking