Tuesday, September 18, 2012


You're gonna love this piece if you're an enthusiast for equine! I have five of these 'cause they're just so darn CUTE. Each one has it's own personality, each one is a different breed - I even have one unicorn!! You can bet your goosebumps they won't be around very long, they're just the cutest things EVER!

Dog Lovers Unite

Calling all Dog Lovers! What a great little cluster pendant. A doggie bone, some sterling silver accents, Swarovski crystals - this was so popular at the last show I made two more! Something I don't do very often - duplicates. So, get it while I got it!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I got the "BLUES"!

Simple boro beads made into a classic pair of beautiful earrings. Just enough movement added with some silver at the bottom. This popular style of my ear wires will continue to be a staple in my stable (he-he).

Guess What's New???

Answer: Trying my hand at Kumihimo. And boy is it a challenge. This beautiful focal is the center of attention for this piece, but I think the beaded necklace adds just the special touch. Hope someone likes it at the Fall shows this year!