Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Newest Chainmail Ring

Pictured here is my latest efforts with Chainmail. This ring is so easy and comfortable to wear. Obviously very flexible - so it squishes to fit over that larger knuckle easily. Not the easiest to make tho, a little intense in that department. But the results were WELL worth the extra effort. Think I'll make some more!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Animal Lovers - UNITE !

Love this! Our oldest daughter works for a Vet and is a dedicated dog lover, as am I, so I came up with this idea for her birthday/Christmas present. Sorry Teri, for combining the two this year. . . Annnyhoo - I love it too! Of course the little paw prints come in different colors, and there's "Cat Mom" also, for all the cat lovers out there. But I'm seeing many possibilities for this down the road. The sterling disk is hand cut, stamped & shaped made by me, and makes this really cute idea fun and totally unique.

Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Christmas Show

This is what our space looked like at the Southern Christmas Show this year. I forgot to make sure our third place ribbon showed up in this shot, but that ribbon was a very pleasant surprise. I think the booth design and display looked great, and since we got a corner space this time, there was room for everything right up front. Our best show ever, ever! Thanks so much everyone.

Back to the Beach Beads

Just can't get away from the ocean theme when making beads. This is a simpler version than my first design of a starfish. And this one is wire wrapped into a silver 'frame' just for that added punch. Makes me think of the beach - and the warm, warm sun - 'cause it is c-o-l-d here now!


I LOVE this little pendant. Three beads - gradually getting smaller, all with little crystals and silver about. This one is a lovely shade of pink, amber and purple frit melted onto the surface of each bead. I've made them in lots of different color choices. Looks great casual, or with a fancier plunging neckline. Ooo-baby!

Fine Silver & Boro Set

This is a beautiful boro set using some fine silver, and original in concept and design. It's sooooo much prettier than the picture can capture. Oh so sparkly with huge crystals, and fine silver that will never tarnish. Awesome.

Cluster for 2009

I love this color combination. A pretty bluish shade that gradually gets darker as it nears the edges, done on ivory. A very popular cluster combination this year.