Friday, October 24, 2014

The Birds Are Coming !!

Sometimes when a bead just doesn't look right, it magically turns into a bird!! This pretty set using a glass dubbed 'avocado' turned out really pretty … until the 10th bead. It just would NOT cooperate!! A soft voice kept whispering in my ear 'Make me a bird' - easy enough to do, I am to please. It's really a pretty set, all ready sold, but I wanted to share.

Celebrating Fall

A mixed set of Fall colored beads, fat and round - I love the colors here, and each bead has a different design. Tempting those of you who make your own jewelry - or those of you who'd like to learn, please call and set up a time to learn.

A recent strand of beads using a streaky taupe, medium turquoise and ivory. I love the color combo on this set. A a pair of sterling silver cufflinks with some softly etched beads - just something new to offer a variety of things to temp everyone ...