Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Phoenix Rising"

Oh boy, I really struggled with this one, but I just love it. Have been wanting to make this bead for a couple of months but just couldn't get it in my head precisely right. After a while I figured, what did I have to lose …. so I just jumped in and gave it a shot. You can just see the sun behind the wing and there is just a touch of silvered glass that doesn't quite sparkle as much in the photo. I'm going to try it again, but I think I'm just as nervous as I was before I made this one. Keep your fingers crossed (and maybe even your toes!).

New Sage Earrings

Brand new earring wire design, and a beautiful shade of sage green glass with Raku frit sprinkled around the edges. This is the perfect color for the summer - light and airy, goes with almost anything, and oh so comfortable to wear. Sterling silver, as always, and Swarovski crystals round out this pair of earrings. Hope you like - it's the only pair.