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Friday, April 4, 2014

New Series: Native Trees

Quaking Aspen
Native to NC this fast growing graceful tree loves the sun.  Bright green Spring leaves contrast the smooth white bark that has dark splotches on a long and narrow trunk.  These trees may grow fairly tall and become clear of lower limbs over time. They are sometimes called ‘Trembling Aspen” because their leaves seem to tremble in a light breeze due to their flattened structure.
 The Flat-topped Acacia tree is typically found on the Savannas of South Africa. The tops of the trees are usually flatter giving an umbrella appearance. This exotic tree thrives in hot, dry regions and it's wood is extensively used in making furniture and flooring. Their striking silhouette against a setting sun makes for a stunning picture.

The Flowering Dogwood, native to North Carolina, is one of the most common and beautiful ‘understory’ trees – meaning they grow beneath taller trees. Its trunk is short and branches reach to spread a wide area of beautiful white or pink blossoms in the spring.  The leaves turn a bright red in the fall, and red berries adorn the branches.

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