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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

If At First You Don't Succeed ...

Oh such a pretty set these beads were when I first saw them come from the etching solution … but, unfortunately no-one else seemed to appreciate them quite as much as I did. My attempt at selling a small set of them did not happen, (in fact, you'll see the small set pictured somewhat farther down) - so, I made some more and came up with this earring and necklace set. They are so lovely, soft and smooth - colors to go with any time of year - adjustable sterling chain goes from shorter to longer to accommodate any neckline. Love this set.

"Soft Tree"

This softly colored blooming tree has been a favorite of mine. It went to a new home this past weekend, but I wanted to showcase it here to remember it. Always trees available - each one a different little piece of art. Hope you like them all.

"Summer Tree"

Probably pushing it a bit with this Summer Tree, but there are a whole lot of people who are ready for warmer weather. This waterside tree with Carolina Blue sky awaits the first person who falls in love with it's graceful branches, cool flowing water and bright sky.


Another trip to Vermont to see our son and grandson will always inspire another version of a birch tree. They grow so very large and tall where Nick lives, and are so beautiful. A great many surround his house and we pass them walking through the woods from Curtis Pond to his house. Love Vermont. This piece with a dark encased base bead has the trunks of birch made using dark ivory and silvered ivory stringer. Small branches are off to either side - but the main trunks are made quite 3-dimentional with a layer of light transparent brown on top. I really like this 'different' way of making a 3-D bead. Flat back makes this piece lay so nicely on the skin.

Cactus! Ouch!

Has been a little while since I've made cactus pendants. Here's the latest of several. Has a 'moodier' look with the darker multi colored mountains in the background and the darker mix of green shades for the cactus. I'm starting to sweat a little just looking at it!

Coming From The Dark Side

Currently these are two of my favorite earring sets. I love the Raku dots on the left pair, coupled with the soft black. Etching the beads really gives a dressier look. And the frit beads on the right with just a touch of shiny Double Helix glass look great from the front or the side. Nice.

Chicken Little

Chicken Little laid a decorative egg - 'that had to hurt' said one of the student in my Florida class! Ouch! Just something light, just for fun, sure was fun for me to make. Any chicken farmers out there? "Bawk, bawk."

Long Neck Series With Double Helix Surface Glass

A striking bead made using silvered Double Helix glass, in the 'long necklace' series of pieces 30" and longer. A beautiful statement piece, rather large in size. Not for the average wearer, but awesome for someone up to the challenge!!

Baking Soda Beads

Love the colors on these beads - emphasized by rolling the hot glass in baking soda, then heating back in the flame. They take on an ancient look to them and coupled with soft black, the colors really stand out. This is a new series of long necklaces - 30" plus, to make a comfortable wear adding just that little piece of style, but not too much competition if you choose to couple with another neck piece. Nice.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Is It Time To Buy A Spring Hat Yet?

Here's my version of 'Mother Goose' … with straw hat and necklace. Have been playing around with some more fun sculptured shapes and thought Nursery Rhymes and poems would be a good place to start. Attempts have been both super, and not so super - but that's part of the fun!

Abstract Sun/Winter Tree

Here's a different take on a winter tree … abstract sunrise in the background. Might need a little tweaking, but I might be on to something - we'll see how the next one looks. Any feedback appreciated!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just in time for Valentine's Day, these puffy little hearts are sure to bring some smiles. Made using all sterling silver components and a Swarovski crystal atop each one for just a touch of that additional sparkle and bling.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Circus Came to Town Today

Have been trying to do this little elephant for the longest time, and I'm so pleased with the way he looks. Maaaaybeeee needs a little tweaking here or there, but over all he's just about the cutest thing to come out of the kiln today. Lots of critters today, but this one is by far my fav. Elephant walk people !!!

Introducing the Speckled Sapsucker

This zany little bird is certainly one of a kind. But she is so cool. Stacked as a totem of sorts, she's gathering all the good omens for the day. She might be one of a kind right now, but I think I'll be making another pretty soon.

Slithery Spotted Snake

A different twist on something I made about 10 years ago … but way cuter. Lots of lovable looks in this little slithery snake. Wonder how far he'll get with those crossed eyes?

Fly Birdie!!!

 Somebody has their eyes on this bird, he'd better fly away fast. A fun bead, reflecting a very good day at the torch. Lots of little creatures showed up today. Such fun making new stuff.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A different take on 'trees' … there's a bunch of 'em! and I like it! Also, I like the rich blue colors in the sky brought by using a new frit blend found while attending the ISGB convention in Houston this past summer. I learned almost too much to absorb and picked up some new tools and colors of glass to try, it's been exciting experimenting. Spring shows start soon, hope to see a lot of friends this year. New shows and different show schedule posted, so ... keep up!

Spring Tree

Another tree for the springtime … always more trees. The Spring shows start soon - there will always be trees presented, and this year some paintings will be introduced - that's gonna be scary. We'll see how that goes. But rest assured, there will always be trees with me, a favorite to make and to share.

New Heart for a New Year

A new heart for the new year - lots of color and movement. Ivory, turquoise, black and a random carmel color I found on my table. A pretty good end result, I think. Only one, so once the Spring shows begin, I don't think it will be around long...

With Spring comes ….

Dandelions!! A new focal bead with a bit of a modern flair to it, but it met the challenge of 'design a 2 color bead'. You might notice some clear surface dots, but clear's not a color, right? Anyway, just trying to give a broad range of designs - something to hopefully please everyone.

"Here, Boy!"

This cute little fluff ball is a new doggie version made with multi colored DH glass giving a soft and mottled look to this pooch. A tiny love heart is on the front and back, and if you'll notice, a sterling fire hydrant is at the bottom. Only one of these, so once the Spring shows start, he won't last long.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Birds Are Coming !!

Sometimes when a bead just doesn't look right, it magically turns into a bird!! This pretty set using a glass dubbed 'avocado' turned out really pretty … until the 10th bead. It just would NOT cooperate!! A soft voice kept whispering in my ear 'Make me a bird' - easy enough to do, I am to please. It's really a pretty set, all ready sold, but I wanted to share.

Celebrating Fall

A mixed set of Fall colored beads, fat and round - I love the colors here, and each bead has a different design. Tempting those of you who make your own jewelry - or those of you who'd like to learn, please call and set up a time to learn.

A recent strand of beads using a streaky taupe, medium turquoise and ivory. I love the color combo on this set. A a pair of sterling silver cufflinks with some softly etched beads - just something new to offer a variety of things to temp everyone ...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

BeadCamp in Nakomis, Florida - Wanna Come?

BeadCamp is a unique opportunity to take class from a wonderful selection of such qualified and awesome instructors - Please note here that I'm one of those instructors - Feb 24-28, 2015. Please contact Marley Bears at or give her a call at 919 323-9799. Come on down for the experience of a lifetime!

ISGB Boro Class - FINALLY!

Thrilled I was to have the opportunity to finally take a class from Nancy Tobey and learn how to make Boro Glass colors shine. These are only two of the beads I made in class and I was tickled with the outcome. ISGB was in Houston Texas and I took advantage of all that they offered. Now if I could find the time to dedicate more days at the torch I might be able to practice all that was learned. Yeah!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Phoenix Rising"

Oh boy, I really struggled with this one, but I just love it. Have been wanting to make this bead for a couple of months but just couldn't get it in my head precisely right. After a while I figured, what did I have to lose …. so I just jumped in and gave it a shot. You can just see the sun behind the wing and there is just a touch of silvered glass that doesn't quite sparkle as much in the photo. I'm going to try it again, but I think I'm just as nervous as I was before I made this one. Keep your fingers crossed (and maybe even your toes!).

New Sage Earrings

Brand new earring wire design, and a beautiful shade of sage green glass with Raku frit sprinkled around the edges. This is the perfect color for the summer - light and airy, goes with almost anything, and oh so comfortable to wear. Sterling silver, as always, and Swarovski crystals round out this pair of earrings. Hope you like - it's the only pair.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Crayola Blue Heart

A fellow lampworker needed some extra funds to cover emergency surgery for her four legged furry child so she decided to sell off some of her handmade beads. An animal lover myself, and owner of a couple of four legged children, I purchased some of her colorful and unique beads, made some additional ones of my own, and came up with this collaboration. And just so you know, her pooch pulled through with flying colors!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The OTHER three little bears!

Here is my interpretation of the three little beads. A polar bear on the left, a teddy bear front and center and a panda bear on the right. Sadly the fourth koala bear and an accident and broke an ear, so he'll stay in my studio and keep me company. It's been a long time since I've made these little cuties but a previous request at BeadCamp in Florida caused them to resurface. Sculpture work still causes me to hold my breath when shaping the glass, but the result is so very cute (most of the time…)

Fatuous Feathers

These cute little birds have made several appearances in my studio. I make most of them as plant stakes to pretty up a gifted potted plant, or to spruce up a winter indoor garden. Their latest showing is as beads that went up for sale on an internet bead site. But they are as cute as can be and I plan to make some more, they're so bright and colorful and make me feel good.

Friday, April 18, 2014

From 'Too Dark' to 'Tastefully Tantalizing'!

Sharing what a wonderful customer did with what I thought was a fugly bead I'd given her several months ago. She did the beautiful crochet piece and decided on the components to make the pendant. I was just amazed, not only did she make something absolutely stunning … she certainly made me rethink my attitude about what constitutes a good quality bead both in design and execution. Wonderful job Patsy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dog Says 'WOOF' - Cat Says 'MEOW'

A couple of cuties I haven't done in awhile - had to hold my breath practically the whole time I was at the torch!! Two Springtime cuties that are all about fun and bright colors. Getting ready for some Spring shows, catch me if you can. Check out the show schedule on the right side of this page

Front and back of this furry little ball of fluff. 

This little kitty looks like he's up to no good, right? Spring colors and attitude abound with this smooth operator and cute ball of fluff.

Front and back views of the same bead.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Great New Earrings - Aged Copper

Some new yummy earrings for the Spring, or anytime you want to have something unique. Only a few of these beautiful earrings, and they'll be introduced at the King's Walk show in Charlotte the end of this month. Happy Spring y'all - altho it seems like we went straight from Winter to Summer here!!

New Series: Native Trees

The Rainbow Eucalyptus trees of the Philippines have brightly colored bark that displays then sheds to reveal new growth. As the bark ages, the colors that appear are green, blue, purple and orange, then brown before being shed. These trees are mostly cultivated for use in paper manufacturing.

The White Oak  is the most common tree species of the Eastern United States, and can grow from 80 to 100 feet tall. It’s bark is gray streaked in color and has a life span, if undisturbed, of 500 to 600 years. The white Oak is valued for its timber products such as furniture, flooring and pallets, cabinet making, barrel making, interior finishes, and for heavy construction. It’s acorns feed squirrels, deer and chipmunks.

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Series: Native Trees

Quaking Aspen
Native to NC this fast growing graceful tree loves the sun.  Bright green Spring leaves contrast the smooth white bark that has dark splotches on a long and narrow trunk.  These trees may grow fairly tall and become clear of lower limbs over time. They are sometimes called ‘Trembling Aspen” because their leaves seem to tremble in a light breeze due to their flattened structure.
 The Flat-topped Acacia tree is typically found on the Savannas of South Africa. The tops of the trees are usually flatter giving an umbrella appearance. This exotic tree thrives in hot, dry regions and it's wood is extensively used in making furniture and flooring. Their striking silhouette against a setting sun makes for a stunning picture.

The Flowering Dogwood, native to North Carolina, is one of the most common and beautiful ‘understory’ trees – meaning they grow beneath taller trees. Its trunk is short and branches reach to spread a wide area of beautiful white or pink blossoms in the spring.  The leaves turn a bright red in the fall, and red berries adorn the branches.